About Unashamed Biker Church

At Unashamed Biker Church (UBC), we are not ashamed of being bikers and we are not ashamed of being bikers who follow the gospel of Jesus Christ. We welcome all club colors and all independent riders and their families to come worship with us. We are a biker church of bikers for bikers (all makes and models welcome). We are a come as you are congregation. Come in your leather and jeans, tattoos, long hair, short hair, or no hair at all. Even if you drive a cage (anything other than a motorcycle), but have a free spirit and a need for Christ, come worship and fellowship with us. We are excited to be in the Hewitt/Waco area to serve the community and provide a safe and comfortable place to worship and fellowship.

Unashamed Biker Church is home to more than 30 bikers and family members who are not ashamed to publicly share their faith, along with personal interest in other bikers.

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UNASHAMED BIKER CHURCH -- 690 Alliance Parkway, Hewitt, Texas

Unashamed Biker Church was started in the fall 2019, after pastor Larry Robert and his wife Genna decided the Waco area needed a church to minister to bikers.

They and their grandson were invited to attend church by a friend and pastor Jimmy Van Loozen of the Freedom Road Biker Church in Nolanville. Though Pastor Larry was initially “turned off by the whole church thing,” he eventually attended services and gave his life to Jesus. He was completely changed and he wants to share his new beliefs with others.
With encouragement, support and friendship from the Bell Baptist Association, Waco Regional Baptist Association, Texas Baptists, Crossroads Fellowship and First Baptist Church of Elm Mott, the church opened and more than 30 bikers and family members attend Sunday morning worship.

The church takes its name from Romans 1:16 – “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile.”
The church name communicates “I’m unashamed to be a biker and I am unashamed to be a Christ-follower.’”
Members of the church are always on the lookout for other bikers they can befriend and invite to services and other special events.


About Pastor Larry

When Pastor Larry Roberts was first invited to attend services, he would only go to the parking lot and wait outside for his family, trying to decide what kind of “scam” the church was. He eventually attended services, after someone asked him to come in and offered to sit with him during the service. Later, he went to see the pastor to tell him that he would not be coming back to church. But the pastor asked some probing questions and Larry made a profession of faith. His life was completely changed and he overcame his alcohol addiction.

Since his conversion, Pastor Larry has received a certificate of ministry from the University of Mary-Hardin Baylor and completed a year-long church planting course, which has prepared him for his pastoral leadership role. He is anxious to reach out to other bikers and help them learn more about God’s redemptive love and the ability to change lives.

His wife Genna and his family are involved in Unashamed Biker Church and welcome members of other biker families to attend and be active.